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Jul 2022

How to shift from reactive to proactive Portfolio Management

In our previous article, Strength in Specialisation, we explored why the right combination of people, standardised processes and solutions are so critical when empowering portfolio managers to shift from reactive to proactive management. We also demonstrated how those who successfully align client needs and risks with a tangible value offering (delivered through skilled staff, world class service and technology) are...
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The Progression of Residential Portfolio Management

Repositioning Portfolio Managers from generalists to specialists In a recent industry survey, WeconnectU asked property managers of Bodies Corporate and HOAs a few important questions about value. Their answers revealed a stark contrast between two critical success factors: value delivered vs value perceived. According to Danie van der Merwe, Director at WeconnectU, the vast majority of survey respondents felt that...
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Are you tapping into the real power of property inspections?

Property inspections aren’t the most popular activity. Property professionals find them tiresome and fiddly, tenants find them inconvenient and stressful, and investors often struggle to see the value behind their expense. Since the promulgation of the new Property Practitioners Act, which makes disclosure forms a mandatory component of all sales and rental mandates, however, inspections have taken on a whole...
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