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Johann van der Merwe

Community Management

How to scale your Property Management business

A primary goal for most business owners – regardless of industry – is to build a sustainable and profitable operation where day-to-day processes require minimal executive interference. This creates an environment in which you are free to work on your business rather than in your business – an important step towards the professional freedom that likely drove you to start…
Inspection and Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management for Rental Agencies

Here at RedRabbit, we know exactly how time-consuming and tedious maintenance management can be. That’s why we provide you with the tools to easily organise and track each maintenance ticket from logged to completed. Dealing with maintenance requires a lot of communication to keep all stakeholders informed. With our maintenance dashboards, you can easily track what has been done on…
Community Management

How WeconnectU makes manageability challenges a thing of the past

In our last post, we discussed the importance of being able to measure key performance indicators in Property Management businesses in order to effectively manage staff productivity and portfolio performance. We also went into some detail on which KPIs offer the most value from a business insights perspective, and how those insights can help business owners and portfolio managers hit…
Inspection and Maintenance Management

Maintenance and Inspections

The 4 core pillars of Rental Asset Management are Application Management, Lease Management, Account Management and Maintenance & Inspections Management. Application Management deals with finding a Tenant for a Rental Property and covers aspects such as of Listing and Application Processing. Lease Management deals with the facilitation and finalising of the Lease Agreement, Renewal Management and Exit Management. Account Management…
Community Management

The modern Property Manager’s guide to body corporate (sectional title) compliance

Let’s face it: the world of Property Management is nothing like it used to be. New legislation has not only heaped a number of additional responsibilities onto Property Managers’ plates, it’s also seriously upped the stakes when it comes to staying on top of sectional title management compliance. The new rules are undoubtedly in the best interests of the schemes…