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Community Management

Coffee with James Session 5: How to become a more profitable Property Manager

It’s a sad but well-known fact that small to medium-sized property management businesses are seldom (if ever) particularly profitable. Sure, they can deliver a reasonable turnover, but increasing that turnover usually comes with an associated increase in overheads, particularly with new regulations adding to the workload. What does this mean for property managers, James? Well, the sad fact is that…
17th Jul 2019
Inspection and Maintenance Management

Maintenance and Inspections

The 4 core pillars of Rental Asset Management are Application Management, Lease Management, Account Management and Maintenance & Inspections Management. Application Management deals with finding a Tenant for a Rental Property and covers aspects such as of Listing and Application Processing. Lease Management deals with the facilitation and finalising of the Lease Agreement, Renewal Management and Exit Management. Account Management…
30th Apr 2019