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This is the all-in-one solution that addresses the four core pillars of rental asset management you've been waiting for.

Key Features

Designed and developed to cover the full value chain for rental portfolio management.
Are you ticking the four boxes to make your business more profitable? WeconnectU have designed and developed an intelligent portal to cover the full value chain for real estate rentals. Keep your finger on the pulse of your rental portfolio.

Tenant Procurement

Our tenant procurement features are designed to set you up for success by streamlining the application and data loading processes allowing qualified applicants to be accurately vetted.

Financial Management

The most intelligent financial solution to date, developed by people that have done it themselves. Our easy-to-use accounts dashboard gives you access to powerful billing and payment features. No need to play the guessing game when you can know exactly what is owed by everyone on every category of a rental property.

Lease Management

Our solutions support the complete lease management process with full transparency on all lease start, end, renewal and escalation dates. All required lease documentation is effortlessly generated. We also track defaulting tenants with full audit trail.

Inspection & Maintenance Contract Management

Integrated with RedRabbit – South Africa’s leading maintenance and inspection management solution. RedRabbit provides you with the tools to easily do inspections, organise and track maintenance tickets and makes communication easy, keeping everybody informed.

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