Rental Asset Management Software

Industry leading rental portfolio software for
rental agents and portfolio managers

The all-in-one solution

Addressing the 4 core pillars of Rental Portfolio Management you’ve been waiting for.

Key Features

Designed and developed to cover the full value chain for rental portfolio management and

enabling you to give your clients what they really need.

Cloud Based

Bank Integrated

Intelligent dashboards

Bulk billing schedule

Automated invoicing and
tenant payment notification

Automated statement delivery

Automated payment allocation process

Tenant & Landlord Wallets

Arrear management

Lease Management

Credit Check

Compliance checklist

Complete Audit Trail

Business & Compliance reports

Asset Management Reports

Dedicated Training & Support

Asset Management Reports

The ultimate in delivering value to your landlord.

You can now report on yield, capital growth & Return On Investment.

This feature will change the way your landlords perceive you. Become a Rental Asset Manager.

Our Clients

We have partnered with local and global companies, building strong relationships and an outstanding reputation with our clients. Through our strategic relationships, we have been able to provide quality work for our clients on an ongoing basis.


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