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Inspection and Maintenance Management

Take the easy road with anytime, anywhere maintenance management

By 10th May 2022May 15th, 2022No Comments

What’s your favourite part of being a property manager? We’re willing to bet it’s not maintenance.

Let’s face it: Good maintenance management may be essential if you want to keep your investors and tenants happy, but it’s fiddly, time consuming and brings in little or no extra income.

But maintenance doesn’t have to be a huge pain in the… portfolio.

To understand how and why, let’s take a step back and look at the multifaceted, back-and-forth nightmare that is the traditional maintenance management process.

Typical Maintenance Process

As you can see (and likely already know), every quote you request for each maintenance query results in dozens of communications between the various parties. With phone calls, WhatsApps and emails flying, it’s also nearly impossible to keep a comprehensive record of everything said and done. That makes it very easy for balls to get dropped, wires to get crossed, and fingers to get pointed. Usually at you.

So, what’s the answer? A WhatsApp group for each maintenance query? Let’s hope you enjoy a phone that never stops pinging. Let’s also hope your investors don’t realise they have access to their tenant’s contact details via the group and start getting ideas about cutting you out of the loop altogether…

And don’t forget tenants’ delightful habit of assuming you know their details off by heart – no need to confirm their name and address when sending a maintenance query from an unknown number, right? Untangling the mess of which request is for which property is an annoying and time-consuming task. There must be a better way…

There is! It’s called RedRabbit. See RedRabbit in action.

Imagine this: Your tenant has a maintenance query. They login to your online portal and follow the prompts to log a description of their issue, add any photos or details like appliance model/serial numbers, and note any logistics around access to the property. They submit their request with a click. All their details are recorded and linked to their property. Quick, easy and pain free.

Your turn.

You login to the same portal (using any internet-enabled device), acknowledge receipt of the issue and advise the tenant of next steps while simultaneously informing your investor of the pertinent details. (No extra steps necessary). You then request quotes from several reputable contractors with the click of a button. The whole process takes minutes, from start to finish, and can be done from your car, your office, or your bungalow on the beach.

Your selected contractors are automatically sent all the details they need to respond to an emergency with speed and accuracy or submit their quote online – often without even needing to visit the property.

Hooray for minimal tenant inconvenience and potentially zero call-out fees!

Your landlord views and approves the quote online, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

The chosen contractor swings into action, with the tenant fully informed of the appointment details. When the work is done, your contractor simply submits photos along with their invoice, online, to prove they have met your quality standards. No in-person inspections necessary.

Every step of the process is recorded, transparent and streamlined for the ultimate in efficient, effective maintenance management. No backwards and forwards messaging, no scheduling nightmares, no late-night phone calls.

Something as simple as replacing a lock suddenly becomes a WOW experience for everyone involved. And the service provider getting all the credit? That’s you – take a bow, rockstar!

Compared to the tangled mess that is traditional maintenance management, RedRabbit is a dream come true. And it costs less than a single tank of fuel. It really is a no-brainer.

Turn your maintenance nightmares into easy wins, blow the minds of your investors and tenants, and leave your competition standing.

Book your demo of RedRabbit, today.