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“I have looked far and wide to simplify the management of my sectional title portfolio, and finally come across WeconnectU. Its by far the most comprehensive software, but in the same time so simple to use. Even the changes to the Act was already taken into account. Especially managing the reserve fund according to the new requirements has been made so easy. The reporting functionality is probably a highlight. For the first time, I can showcase my value (both financially and operationally) on a monthly basis with one click.”

Willie PrinsNRG Sandton

“I would like to say thank you for a seamless take-on that we have experienced so far. WeconnectU is user friendly and has been easy to work around. When we have needed support you have been quick to assist.”

Tracy GloverAmbercom

“WeconnectU has simplified the monthly processing of Body Corporate billing tremendously. The system is user-friendly and provides an overview to all owners of any matters concerning their complex which helps eliminate the many normal monthly queries to the managing agent. We can now concentrate on the more important management aspects! ”

Janine ErasmusPure Living PM

“Ever since Tiscali Property Management started to walk a path with WeconnectU, our life changed. The entire package as well as the friendly support makes a big difference to our Trustees and/or Annual General Meetings. All your financial, as well as some administration information, is available in one place. Once again thank you very much. ”

Susan SwanepoelTiscali PM

“The new software, WeconnectU, has been a pleasure. I appreciate the immediate and professional assistance I have received from your team. That has been a great help. I can see that the software is making my life easier and my business more professional.”

Teun BaartmanLeyden Properties
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The team at WeconnectU understands what it takes to ensure successful adoption of a new software solution for your business. Our solutions are meticulously developed to be simple to use and to make this transition completely seamless.

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Solving Property Management problems

WeconnectU is dedicated to solving real-world problems property managers’ face – and we do it well, too. Not only do we get the job done, but we do it through simple, easy-to-use property management solutions designed with the finesse that only experience provides.


Both your business and your clients are required to be compliant at all times. We’ve figured out how to turn what is usually a tedious and time-consuming process into an efficient and easy-to-maintain course of action that you can manage and monitor yourself on a user-friendly platform.


You can only manage what you measure. Our intelligent dashboards allow you to monitor all aspects of your business. We provide you with a platform that encourages interdepartmental collaboration that enables optimal efficiencies.


As with most businesses, manageability and efficiency promote scalability. You can now keep your finger on the business pulse and you’ll be ready for the big leagues in no time.


The formula for business success will always be a combination of compliancy, manageability and scalability. With these three factors, your business can only thrive, transforming it into a profitable enterprise. Connect with us to seize the opportunity and unlock the true value of your business.
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There’s no getting around the fact that Property Managers have to comply with the new legislation. That means traditional workflows and processes need to be adjusted to accommodate the additional responsibilities listed above. This poses quite a few challenges, particularly for Property Management setups still working with the same old tools they’ve been using since they first opened their doors.…
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