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12 Reasons why Property Managers love the WeconnectU solution to manage their business

By 3rd Jan 2021Feb 26th, 2021No Comments

When property managers get a real understanding of the daily challenges they face, why these exist and how it affects their business from an efficiency and profitability point of view, they soon realise how much time and resources gets wasted, mostly due to the tools they currently use.  WeconnectU Community Management Software was created by the industry for the industry. We’ve developed the most advanced end-to-end property management system that enables managing agents be more compliant and make their business more manageable, scalable and profitable. When property managers use WeconnectU, they can immediately get more done, save time and resources, manage more activities and give comprehensive reports to show the real value they are adding. Property Managers don’t just love the fact that our software solution is user-friendly, but love how it solves all their management challenges related to tasks, compliance, process, customer service and staff. It is simply the right (and best) software solution for the job.


Here are 12 reasons why Property Managers love the WeconnectU solution to manage their businesses:


1. With WeconnectU, all business and portfolio KPIs are tracked from a single, central location.

Using WeconnectU’s Community Management Solution, Property Management teams can complete all their workflows on the same, central, cloud-based platform – no external software, planners or filing cabinets needed. This makes it a simple matter to track and consolidate all business and portfolio KPIs – particularly since our user-friendly management dashboards do (almost) all of it for you!


2. WeconnectU provides real-time, at-a-glance overviews of all task statuses.

If you are using WeconnectU, getting the latest updates on which tasks have and haven’t been done is as easy as logging into your management dashboard via any internet-enabled computer or mobile device. You can view real-time overviews of each and every workflow being run through the system, and instantly flag any dropped balls, problematic departments, or underperforming staff. Staff love it, clients love it and you will love it.


3. WeconnectU tracks all relevant community statistics and makes trends, red flags and opportunities easy to spot.

Thanks to its central setup, WeconnectU enables both business owners and portfolio managers to see all kinds of useful data on their communities. From highlighting potentially damaging price trends, to picking up a widespread faulty geyser issues, customer feedback has shown this feature to be an invaluable business tool.


4. WeconnectU is purpose-built for the Property Management industry and is consistently updated to remain current.

Being purpose-built for the Property Management industry makes WeconnectU’s Community Management Solution the only one on the market that adapts as and when the regulations do. We keep a close eye on all industry developments and make sure our product consistently meets and exceeds requirements, giving you and your teams everything you need to do your jobs better, faster and more effectively than ever before.


5. WeconnectUenables proactive scheduling of activities and tasks up to a year in advance.

Using WeconnectU’s Compliance Planner, your team can schedule an entire calendar year’s meetings in advance, giving trustees plenty of time to plan their schedules around important dates. Having the key deadlines in black and white also helps keep your community management processes on track, and ensures your teams meet their regulatory obligations without any need for last-minute scrambles. This enable you to be more compliant – giving you and the trustees peace of mind.


6. WeconnectU provides trustees with 24/7 access to all community information, online.

With WeconnectU, trustees can access all their community information at any time via their online dashboards. The information is presented in an user friendly overview, with the ability to drill down into details as required. This, combined with the comprehensive monthly reports generated by our Community Management Solution, makes it quick and easy for trustees to catch up on key points before meetings (particularly since they know the schedule months in advance).

The result is quicker, more efficient and more effective meetings, because everyone is on the same page from the start.


7. All tasks loaded into WeconnectU’s planner are highly visible and easy to track.

WeConnectU offers Managing Agents the ability to load all action points into a central planner as part of their post-meeting workflow. This keeps these tasks front and centre, along with their chosen deadlines, and progress can be tracked by all parties to ensure completion happens on time.


8. WeconnectU enables payments to be signed off in convenient batches at the click of a button.

Using WeconnectU, your team can upload all payment schedules and invoices to the Community Management Solution, to be checked and approved by the appropriate trustee in convenient batches, once a week (or as convenient). Approval can be given securely, at the click of a button – no mess, no fuss, and no paperwork cluttering desks and destroying rainforests.

Best of all, all approval details are recorded for 100% transparent transactions and clean audits.


9. WeconnectU’s central platform ensures full transparency between departments, making collaboration effortless.

With WeconnectU, all departments work from the same, cohesive platform, performing their roles with complete transparency between stakeholders. That means each team member can see exactly where other teammates are in their processes, and share important information effortlessly for a streamlined, gap-free workflow.


10. WeconnectU enables Managing Agents to pick up exactly where others left off.

With WeconnectU, all project and process information for all departments is stored centrally in our easy-to-use and easy-to-learn Community Management Solution. That means any incoming employee can get an instant overview and progress update on any community or portfolio by simply logging in. That includes all completed tasks, all upcoming tasks, and all important dates and deadlines.

They can also generate reports from day one that are identical in content and format to those created by their predecessors – your clients will be none the wiser, and just as happy as before!


11.WeconnectU increases staff productivity, making it possible to offer more competitive salaries to a smaller, more elite team.

WeconnectU offers solutions to this challenge on a number of fronts. Firstly, having access to all their community information makes it far easier for trustees to get involved in keeping things on track, and lightens the supervisory burden on your portfolio managers.

Secondly, our collaborative and user-friendly solution dramatically increases the efficiency of all departments. This effectively enables you to achieve the same or better output with fewer – happier – employees, who can then be paid more competitively without affecting business profits.


12. WeconnectU provides reliable, real-time access to all KPIs, enabling managers to be more proactive and consistently effective in their role.

With real-time, accurate access to all KPIs, WeconnectU gives managers the ability to spot potential problems long before they come into effect. From workflow issues, to staff performance, to worrying community trends, managers can be proactive in their role, keep your teams running at maximum efficiency, and add serious value to your clients and your business.


Still not sure if WeconnectU is the right tool for you? Take a look at what our clients love about the WeconnectU solution.

Are you tired of using a system or systems that solves some of your manageability challenges, but not all of them? Perhaps is time to upgrade to the most advanced end-to-end property management solution in South Africa.


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