Time is our greatest commodity – we only get 24 hours in a day, and the way we use those hours affects everything from our personal happiness to our businesses’ profitability. Time is also in high demand in today’s world. Everyone is trying to take a piece of it for themselves, through emails, phone calls, social media and more.

For property managers time is also a limiting factor. You’re paid according to the value you bring to the marketplace, but cultivating that value takes time and time is limited.

So how do we break the stalemate to buy you more time to deliver exceptional service, build strong client relationships and grow your business? It’s a question that has been at the heart of WeconnectU since our inception, and it remains our core objective as we head into 2021.

As such, one of our areas of focus for the new year is compliance. Measuring and managing compliance is one of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of property management, but it’s easy to neglect when its value only becomes apparent in times of crisis (can anyone say “2020”?). Nevertheless, the peace of mind of knowing your portfolio is compliant cannot be underestimated and is something that really drives home your value to your clients if the pawpaw hits the fan.

We’re extremely proud of our compliance module for its ability to streamline the entire compliance process into a fast, intuitive and integrated workflow. However, we’re not resting on our laurels quite yet. We have big plans for a new online meeting module (amongst other initiatives) to save you even more time in 2021, and make pre-, mid- and post-meeting compliance aspects even easier.

Our platform has also grown substantially over the last year or two, and we are now able to tap into a huge body of industry statistics. Our clients are already leveraging these insights via their intelligent dashboards to make faster, more informed decisions for their communities. We’ll be enhancing these features throughout 2021 to make sure WeconnectU users remain at the forefront of industry trends and knowledge, and are able to demonstrate the value this adds to their services with effortless – yet comprehensive – reporting. Another valuable time-saver!

Speaking of value, we also have a few plans up our sleeve to enhance WeconnectU’s ability to make your business more scalable.

Scalability has always been the key to profitability in property management, and WeconnectU already supports this by bringing all stakeholders together on a single platform. This does more than just improve collaboration, transparency and manageability – all essential for scalability. It also enables seamless processing by internal and external stakeholders (like auditors and attorneys), removing the need for hundreds of time-consuming, back-and-forth emails.

We’re not done with the efficiencies yet, though. We’ll soon be introducing a new management layer to our intelligent dashboards, which will enable tasks to be performed across multiple communities in a single action. This is just one more way we’re helping your teams maximise their productivity and handle larger portfolios more effectively, making it possible for you to scale your business and your profits in the new year.

Of course, enabling business owners to secure new income streams is only one facet of WeconnectU’s profit-enhancing power. With all the efficiencies our platform creates, you also get access to the greatest profit-generating tool of them all: time.

Time to focus on growing your business, on securing new clients. Time to foster client relationships and build brand loyalty. Time to perfect not just your workflows, but also the value you provide to your clients. And the time and tools to demonstrate that value in a way that shows your communities just how lucky they are to have you on their team.

To find out more about how WeconnectU’s end-to-end property management solution can help your business achieve its goals in the new year, visit weconnectu.co.za or email james@weconnectu.co.za.