Who We Are

A group of property industry fanatics (us) finally got fed up with 14-hour days & the ineffectiveness of using multiple systems developed by people that have never sat in the hot seat of managing a big portfolio. We decided to do something about it. We learned that an essential aspect of being the best is to listen to what our customers want & to answer complex problems with simple, user-friendly solutions.

As a company, we aim to always be at the forefront of technology, disrupting & leading the property management market. Providing a system that puts you back in control of your portfolio, ensures ultimate efficiencies in your business & delivers reports that would make a hedge fund manager a tad bit envious.

What We Do

You’ve been searching for a way to better manage your portfolio, for a single system that is simple to use, seamless to integrate and completely consolidates all the essential management requirements.

WeconnectU works to reduce late nights, stressful client reports, tenant complaints and other day-to-day challenges faced in the community and rental management industry. It even gives you a chance to enjoy that hazelnut espresso in the morning.