Let’s face it: the world we live in today is not the same as it was three months ago. Likewise, the world in three months’ time is going to be a very different place to the one we’re in today. Times have never changed this much this fast, and it’s creating a huge amount of uncertainty for people and businesses everywhere.

According to Johann van der Merwe, MD of WeconnectU Property Management Solutions, change doesn’t have to be a negative for Property Management businesses, however. In fact, he believes our current crisis could be a pivotal moment for those willing to adapt and embrace our new normal.

“We may not have a choice in the challenges we’re facing at the moment, but we do have a choice in how we respond to them,” he says. “There will always be those who respond with fear, clinging to the old ways in the hope that they’ll become relevant again. Then there are those who view this time as an opportunity to evolve into a more efficient, effective, profitable and future-proof version of themselves.”

To those forward-thinking property managers, Van der Merwe says timing is everything.

“We can’t wait for this virus to disappear to start figuring out how to flourish in our new normal,” he says. “We have to begin today, and the most obvious place to start is with technology.”

Van der Merwe urges property managers not to view technology as a replacement for human expertise. Rather, he says, it should enhance a team’s ability to perform their roles efficiently and effectively – from anywhere – and facilitate complete transparency between all stakeholders, including clients.  This, he says, will not only be vital as long as social distancing is in place, but will also be a valuable service differentiator moving forward.

“Clients were asking for a more streamlined, modern experience long before Covid-19, and they’ll be asking for it long after as well,” says Van der Merwe. “The right technology can help property managers fulfill this need by bringing their customer experience into the digital era while also increasing the speed, efficacy, scalability and cost-efficiency of their property management teams.”

While this may sound too good to be true, Van der Merwe says purpose-built solutions like WeconnectU’s Intelligent Property Management Solutions achieve these goals by focusing on a very specific set of core functions. These include compliance, manageability, scalability and profitability – four critical components for any business hoping to thrive in a post-coronavirus world.


4 Critical Components of Property Management

Compliance: WeconnectU turns this tedious and time-consuming necessity into an effortless, easy-to-monitor part of everyday workflow.

Manageability: You can only manage what you measure. WeconnectU provides intelligent dashboards that let you monitor every aspect of your business.

Scalability: Scalability is about increasing work output without increasing overheads. WeconnectU does this by streamlining processes and enhancing collaboration to let teams get infinitely more done every day.

Profitability: Scale your output without scaling your overheads, and your profits will grow. WeconnectU has helped many businesses become industry powerhouses by achieving their full potential and profitability.


“A lot of things may be changing, but those critical components remain the same,” says Van der Merwe. “If your tools and workflows are set up to make them effortless, you can thrive in any situation.”

Is it possible to achieve this without purpose-built technology?

“Not quickly, easily, or without significant cost,” says Van der Merwe, “and certainly not if you hope to compete against those who are embracing cutting-edge solutions like WeconnectU. It really is the most efficient way to give your business the efficiency and adaptability it needs to handle the changing world that we’re living in while honing its core functionality to peak operation.”

To find out more about how WeconnectU facilitates compliance, manageability, scalability and profitability, visit www.weconnectu.co.za or email james@weconnectu.co.za to request a demonstration.