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Addressing the 4 core pillars of Rental Portfolio Management you’ve been waiting for.

Tenant credit vetting

Our tenant credit vetting features are designed to set you up for success by streamlining the application and data loading processes allowing qualified applicants to be accurately vetted.

Rental Account Management

The most intelligent financial solution to date, developed by people that have done it themselves. Our easy-to-use accounts dashboard gives you access to powerful billing and payment features. No need to play the guessing game when you can know exactly what is owed by everyone on every category of a rental property.

Inspection & Maintenance management

Integrated with RedRabbit – South Africa’s leading maintenance and inspection management solution. RedRabbit provides you with the tools to easily do inspections, organise and track maintenance tickets and makes communication easy, keeping everybody informed.

Lease management

Our solutions support the complete lease management process with full transparency on all lease start, end, renewal and escalation dates. All required lease documentation is effortlessly generated. We also track defaulting tenants with full audit trail.

Designed & developed to cover the full value chain for rental portfolio management & enabling you to give your clients what they really need.

Automation at every possible step in rental account management

Automated receipting, payment allocations and payments. Saving you time, saving you money and getting you ready to scale your portfolio.

Safe, secure and trusted

Hundreds of thousands of transactions with every cent accounted for. Your trust account is automatically reconciled every day. Our live bank integration allows for all tenant & landlord account balances to be regularly updated throughout the day with complete accuracy. One-click payment approvals live from the system for payments to all third parties.

Intelligent dashboards

You can only manage what you measure. We give you all the critical information of the health of your portfolio at your fingertips.

Arrear Management automation

One touch to send all tenants in arrears reminders or letter of demands and debit their accounts with your fees. Automated communication to all landlords at the same time.

Automated communication

Set up any number of customised communication templates. Send bulk personalised communication to your landlords and tenants. Communication is the key ingredient to happy customers.

Asset Management reports

The ultimate in delivering value to your investors. You can now report on yield, capital growth & return on investment. This feature will change the way your clients perceive you. Become a Rental Asset Manager.

And so much more…

How WeconnectU is impacting the rental industry

WeconnectU covers everything. Best Rental Management and Inspection systems out there. We searched globally and this out-classes all the rivals. Extremely user-friendly, uncluttered, and effective. We just love the full bank integration in WeconnectU and the fact that we retain our own Trust account means transparency and security through proper audit. Brilliant support, always prepared to consider requests and opinions. Frequent new releases and updates never fails to impress! Thank you to the most amazing, ethical and professional WeconnectU team.

Charl KuffnerGeneral Manager - Harcourts Dunn Rentals

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