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Ultimate Property Management Masterclass

Understanding, Delivering & Communicating your real value

Johann van der Merwe, Managing Director of WeconnectU shares his expert insights on Rental Asset Management, understanding, delivering & communicating your real value as a Property Manager.

The Ultimate Deal | Your Real Value as Property Manager

Danie van der Merwe of WeconnectU showcases business best practices and how tech can assist Community Managers of Sectional Title Schemes & HOA’s to build compliant, manageable, scalable and profitable businesses.

The Ultimate Maintenance Management Workflow

Schalk van der Merwe of WeconnectU looks at maintenance management for Rental Asset Managers and how to create the wow factor for your business and ultimately, your clients.

Deciding on the Ultimate Tech Ecosystem for your Business

Johann van der Merwe, Managing Director of WeconnectU, discusses the key considerations when deciding on the ultimate tech ecosystem for your business.

The Community Manager of the Future

Danie van der Merwe, Director of WeconnectU, discusses the best practices and how tech and digital tools can assist Community Managers, Rental Portfolio Managers and investors to build a more compliant, manageable, scalable & profitable business.

Why you need to become a Rental Asset Manager

Property management is the most critically important factor in owning and investing in property. Johann van der Merwe, Managing Director of WeconnectU, shares invaluable insight on becoming a Rental Asset Manager.

The most advanced end-to-end Property Management Ecosystem

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